• Charlotte Grant

Weekly Headless work update and more!

Happy 1st of May! We've got 20 days until hand-in so most of this week has just been cracking down on finishing my shots for headless and trying to get my personal daily tasks done in my free time :)

So here we go! I animated 3 shots for Headless this week (which leaves only 1 shot left of my alocated shots and only a few shots left for the film overall, which is awesome! Hopefully I have time to go over and fine tune some of these shots after the deadline, before it's final render for festivals and such!

Above is a shot I finished on Monday, the head and body are going to be propped up on piles of books in the final render and the framing is going to be closer, so the slight sliding on the girl will be less noticable. This shot is one that comes before the scene of the girl pointing that I finished previously! and after a massive fight scene between the head and the body, being animated by the incredibly talented Ben Wardle and Chris Lewin :)

The second shot I completed was shot 72, this is one of the last few shots in the film and is a repeat of shot two, but with the body feeling more confident, not fumbling around for the head and putting it on the correct way after he's grabbed it. This was a pretty simple shot to do as I was using the stretch animation from shot 2 and just had to animate from when he picks it up :)

and finally, the last shot I animated today and the most complicated shot I've done by far was the head and body trying to brush their teeth. I really tried to emphasise that the head and the body are two seperate personalities and that the body is clumsy, can't see what he's doing and doesn't work well with the head. There's a few clipping issues with the sleeve, due to them being so big, but this shot is reflected in a mirror, so these will be cut out by the frame :)

But yes! I'll be updating with more Headless stuff next week and may be able to show a couple of test renders with the lighting and texturing (because it's looking stunning!)

Once I've finished off my shots, I'll be hopefully moving onto a 2D project called The Bird, as a tweener/cleanup animator! It's a beautiful project and will be a good chance to work on my 2D animation, so I'm definitely looking forward to joining their team :D

and to end this blog post, here's my daily tasks for yesterday!

The tasks I did last night were 'Head turn (without anticipation)', Bouncing ball on the spot with no decay and bouncing ball across screen :)

This was the first one I tried, using the free Joe rig from On One Animation School. I hadn't tried this rig before, but I really liked the flexibility with the facial controls and hair :) It's a cool stylised rig too, so I think I'll be using it for more of my tasks in the future!

This is my bouncing ball with no decay, It's been almost a year since the last time I tried animating a bouncing ball, so it was a good refresher! I can't really tell if I've improved since the last time I tried one, but I was definitely able to animate this faster than last time, probably because I've had more experience working with Maya and especially with the graph editor now!

and above is my 'Bouncing ball across the screen' task, I definitely found this one easier than the last time I tried it, mostly because I know more about the graph editor now, as I really struggled with this task when I tried it last year.

If you want to 'follow my progress on the animation island 51 great animation tasks to master' I set up a page for it here

I'll be blogging more of those as I do them, until next time! :)