• Charlotte Grant

A slightly late weekly work update! :)

Hey all :) We're in our last week of production now and I've finished all my shots on Headless!

Being completely honest, I've been feeling lost now that I've finished everything, but I've managed to grab some more work tweening for a production called The Bird which was being directed by Vicky in my year, to keep me busy in this last final week of pushing to get the films done!

Below are my final ever shots for headless!

The head pulling a rope tight so that the head could climb up, for this shot the rope had a very simple rig on it that I used to move in corrilation with the face, this was a fairly quick shot to get done. Originally I animated it a little slower than what the director was going for, giving too much anticipation, but after speakng with him and the producer, I was able to go back over it and make it more panicked and snappy to fit the scene!

The final scene I got to animate was similar to the first one, the head looking really tired and walking to the bathroom to clean his teeth. I'm not quite as pleased with this shot as I was with some of the others as I think his movement is a little jerky, but it was signed off by the producer, ready to be rendered.

That's the last of my contribution to Headless and it's now in it's final stage of sound editing and rendering for the team members on those parts! I'm in my last few weeks of university now and I'll let you all know how things go, grades wise, soon!

That's all for now! See you in the next post! :)