• Charlotte Grant

The Cecils!

Every year our course throws an awards ceremony to show off the final films and celebrate progress made throughout the year!

It's organised by our lecturer Ann who makes awesome little scull themed awards for the occasion, including the most coveted prize the Skull D'or which is passed down between years and engraved with the names of students awarded it! and the award ceremony is usually complete with a red carpet and the lecturers showing up in fancy clothing! (and dramatic advertising a few weeks prior to the event :P)

Usually the ceremony has a fancy dress competition and prizes are given out for various things like biggest improvement or best theory work, along with 1 big prize given to each year, the 'Angel of Animation' awards.

I didn't take any photos this year, unlike last years event, which I blogged a little more extensively! So look there, if you're interested in the feel of the event! Either way, it's always an enjoyable occasion and the first time for us to see the completed films of all years, not just our own!

This year was the first year I won something that wasn't the fancy dress competition (which I won last year :D) I won a prize for my history and theory work, after I achieved a first for my dissertation and got this awesome skeleton necklace as a trophy for it!

For those wondering, why skeletons? It's because of a skeleton named Cecil, who lives in our studio as a drawing reference and has become somewhat of a mascot for the course after people started dressing it up!

Cecil himself is above!

Either way, sorry for such a brief post! But the Cecils was an awesome end to an awesome year! I'm definitely looking forward to/kinda dreading finding out the results for our final submission, but I'm glad to have had a chance to work with such a talented bunch of people and our final film is looking fantastic!

Until next blog post, when I may have my results!