• Charlotte Grant

Back home and University Results

Hey all! Sorry for the lack of updates, things got pretty hectic on the last few weeks of uni, with hand-ins and moving house, I've just made it home and unpacked this week!

We got our results and I finished university with a 2:1 grade which I'm super happy about :) (Which means that I can go on to take a masters degree in the future, if I wish) I also achieved a 1st for my dissertation, which I put a lotttt of work and effort into research for, so I'm really thrilled about that too!

My actual graduation is on the 7th of September, but for now it's the summer holidays, job hunting, working on my animation and saving up for the online character animation school I'm hoping to enroll on next year :)

I've updated my animatic and have been working on some more human animation these past few weeks, below is something I made using the Joe rig and some audio from the 11 second club

and below is my new 3D animation showreel for June 2015 :) I'll be updating this once a month when I can

But yeah, it's back on the 51 animation tasks for me! :) Sorry for the lack of updates recently! I'm going to be going through the list and replacing a couple of them that don't relate so well with 3D animation, with some ones that'd fit the medium a little better (like zipping up a jacket, character eating a cupcake, putting on a pair of pants, etc)

But yeah, that's all for now! I'm on holiday in Wales next week, but I'll keep my blog up to date with all the animation I've been working on!

Until next time