• Charlotte Grant

Update on life and a digital painting I'm proud of!

Heya everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates over here! I figured I'd write a quick post to explain what's been going on recently!

Before graduation I got some work at an agency and began saving up for a masters, working a 50 hour week, whilst applying for a lot of animation jobs in the meantime. I've had a few companies put me on their records which is pretty cool, but not had a whole lot of luck (I wasn't really expecting too as everyone is leaving uni around this month!)

I've been doing a lot of thinking and I think continuing my education and going for a masters is probably the best option for me, as I feel I have a LOT to learn in the field of character animation and would benefit greatly from another year and the kind of intense feedback driven environment University gives. I've learned a LOT these past 3 years but I feel like I've barely scratched the surface, so I'll be continuing to learn and practice during this gap year, but hope to go on to study the subject more in depth next September (It's either that or one of the acclaimed online courses around, I'm still saving for PC upgrades as well, so I'll be able to meet the specs for an online course if I do choose to take one and run maya more efficiently) My other reason would be that I've always been interested in the academia side of animation and I feel that a masters could help me explore that area a little more too!

I got a more permanent job last month, which is awesome because whilst the agency was giving me lots of hours over the summer, I was on a 0 hour contract and there is less demand for agency workers once the summer tourism rush down in Cornwall ends! The permanent job isn't bad, I'm working full time and my workplace is a 15 minute walk from my house which is awesome! I've started up a savings account for going back to university, because I figure, even if a masters isn't for me or I don't get into ones I apply for, a savings would be really useful if I was to take apprenticeships or jobs in animation, because I'd need to put down deposits on renting flats and such (and I got out of university with very little money, so this makes leaving Cornwall for jobs a LOT easier for me, if something does come up!)

But yes! My plan for now is to continue working full time and have this as a gap year, to get back on my feet from university :) Save some money, get a new PC and continue honing my skills! The good thing about the job I have now is that it's a huge confidence boost for me, involves a lot of teamwork and interacting with people, so I feel like that can only be a helpful thing whilst preparing for a job in the animation industry!

Onto the art side of things, I recently completed this piece below of two characters Sadie and Lars from Steven Universe :)

I've been really enjoying playing with atmosphere in my artwork recently and this piece gave me a chance to play with brushes, colour and lighting in a way I hadn't before! Above is the final piece, below are a couple of other renditions playing with the sharpness or lighting in the scene!

The sharper version, before I began playing with the colours in the background to make the focus the two characters :)

and a version with a little more lighting behind, but I felt this took away from the characters a little too much!

Either way, most of the feedback I've got on the two pieces have been positive and I'm very happy with the piece and the proportions of the characters for once! :)

Lars and Sadie as they appear in Steven Universe!

I've added comment boxes to my site now, as it's something I've missed since migrating from Blogspot :) So Disqus comments are now allowed! I'd love any feedback anyone has on the painting or on postgraduate courses! as I've just began looking to see which one would best suit me!

I'm aiming to blog at least once a month now, considering I don't have so much to show now university and required course blogging is over!

Until next time ^^