• Charlotte Grant

December Update!

Hi all! Sorry for the lack of updates these past few weeks, but working my first Christmas in retail is a challenge and a half! So I've been working a lot and haven't had much time for anything else recently!

I did however, get to do a little bit of 2D rigging work, for a voluntary team collaboration project, a game student in a different university was trying to kickstart, so I thought I'd post a little about that!

During second year, we got offered a chance to do a workshop on rigging in a program called Celaction by a lecturer Nick Harrop. It was my first time doing anything like rigging for 2D puppet animation and was something I found I really enjoyed, even if the hierarchies were a little complicated to get my head around!

Because I don't have access to Celaction now I'm out of university, I used another puppet based program, aimed more at video games, called Spriter. I was given a PSD of the art of the main character 'Lily' and made the necessary cuts to the moving parts of her, onto layers which I exported as PNG's. Getting them to rig correctly was something that took a little bit of practice, but I found Spriter a really simple and user friendly program to use and it didn't take me anywhere near as long to complete, as I initially expected.

Above is the character artwork, the left model is what I rigged :) Art is by Aaron Truehitt

I completed a rough running animation to test the rig out and was pretty pleased with the results, the rig will now go on to the official animator on the project to work with.

Above is the test animation I completed and here is a link to the game ^^ http://tallstorystudios.com/BrellasRungame/

Overall it was a fun little project to be involved with and it was nice to practice a new skill :) I won't be joining in further with this project, but time dependant, I've got a few little projects planned for the new year!

As far as saving for my masters goes, I've saved up just over a 3rd of my goal (my plan is to save up just over the amount I was given for maintainance loans during university, to ensure I have enough money for rent/food during the year) which means I'm well on my way to having enough for it!

My hope is that by June I'll know whether I can afford it or not and then I can divert my savings into getting a new PC that can run Maya, so I can continue my Character Animation challenge!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas! Cya next year!