• Charlotte Grant

Making the last week count! (Distance and The Bird)

It's the last week of our deadlines this week, everything is due between now and the 29th! Now my role in Headless is done, I decided to offer my help to some of the other projects looking for help during the final push!

One of them is 'The Bird' a 2d film being produced by Vicky Keaveny and the other is Distance, a stop motion project being made by Sammy-Jo Tawn :)

I hopped onto 'The Bird' as a tweener as I was missing the studio environment after being in there at all hours for Headless. 'The Bird' is being produced in Toon Boom Harmony, a program I'm not particularly familiar with, so it's been fun learning the ropes of the program, with the awesome advice from Vicky and Hannah (her producer)

The first job Vicky gave me was to tween some rough animation of a meerkat character looking at the character, ready for her to begin cleaning up and lining. Below is that animation :)

The second I helped with was a more complex shot of the main character sitting grumpily in a chair and wiping her nose. Vicky had already sketched out the keyframes and it was my job to tween it and then complete the outlines. I found this tricky at first as I wasn't used to the tools in Toon Boom, but my work quickly sped up as I gained familiarity with the program :)

Below is the lining and tweening I've completed so far! The film is far from completion but Vicky intends to continue it after uni and I can't wait to see how it turns out!

The second lot of work I've been helping with is Distance. Distance is a Stop motion animated project set in the arctic and I joined them as a last minute prop maker for the last couple of scenes, as they were super close to meeting the deadline and just needed a few more people for the final push!

Although I've done stop motion a few times over the course, I've never been on a short film production like this one and the scale of the project is both surprising and inspiring!

This project is on it's final push and the last shot that needs to be filmed is a dark icy canyon scene, so it's become my job to paint the canyon and assorted rocks to help give the scene the eerie feel the producer is looking for!

Below are some photos of the painted canyon :)

A section of rocks for infront of the canyon

2 pieces of canyon linked together :) Split in the middle so they're easy to transport

One of many loose spikes I painted

and a selection of loose spikes!

The canyon and spikes were all made out of polystyrine, so it was light weight, these were cut into jagged peaks to make an icy feel by Lokii and Sammy and then painted with Acrylic ink by myself and Phanutchanat who painted the other side of the canyon to me and an equal selection of loose spikes!

Below is a test photo I took of both our sides together, the final film is going to be shot from a low camera angle, so it should have an even more dark and claustrophobic feel once Sammy is finished with it!

But yes! Hand ins are very soon, so I intend to spend the next week refining the paper coursework I've got to submit, writing evaluations and getting ready to say all my deadlines are over!

Until next time!