• Charlotte Grant

Achievement Unlocked? AKA a graduation post!

After 3 long years (that have gone way too quickly) today, my year graduated from university! :)

It was an incredibly emotional, yet amazing day. Some of my course mates come from as far away as Thailand, so it was the last real chance for everyone to be together. I have met some incredible people during my 3 years at Falmouth, forged some beautiful friendships that I know will last many years from now and it's been a joy to be around so many unique and creative people! Hopefully this won't be the last time I see a lot of them and we'll see each other in the industry some day!

One of the highlights of the day was a speech from Dawn French, the chancellor of the university, which was comical as you'd expect and got a good laugh from us all! We were also all presented with a 'Dawn Doubloon' (a chocolate coin designed with her face on it and given as a commemorative gift)

I stayed the night after graduation in a hotel with 2 of my best friends and flatmates from the course and we enjoyed a nice meal out in Falmouth to celebrate the last few years. I think we're all going to miss the town a lot, but onwards and upwards we go!

Below is my certificate! (Middle names removed for security reasons ^^) and a couple of snaps of our last day in Falmouth!

The degree itself! Sporting the uni's awesome new coat of arms!

The view from our hotel the night after graduation :)

Some beautiful pictures of Fal :) Super happy to have been able to call this gorgeous place home for the last 3 years!

and finally one last picture with all 3 of us! Gonna miss these animation lovelies a lot :)

These past few years have been wonderful, challenging and hectic at times, but I wouldn't change a thing :) I've learned a lot about animation, met some truly inspiring people and decided this is a path I definitely want to be perusing!

Hopefully this isn't the end of the line and meet many more inspiring animators and creatives in the future! It's just scary thinking about being out of uni and having the rest of our lives ahead of us really, I'm going to keep trying hard to get where I want to be in the industry and I'll continue to blog this over here, even though I'm no longer required to keep a course blog!

So watch out for more progress and ramblings from me!

Until next time <3