• Charlotte Grant

Inktober 2015

Hi all!

One event I love following every year is the 'Inktober' challenge where artists are challenged to draw something using Ink for every day during the month of October! Halfway through October I had a trip planned half way through October, so I knew I wouldn't be able to do the whole thing, but I joined in for the first week to get a feel for the challenge as it's something I've always wanted to do but never had time to dedicate myself to until now!

I decided to set myself a theme for the challenge so I had something to draw each day and chose a mixture of promarkers and fineliners for my medium! :) My theme was 'Favourite characters in video games, comics and animation' featuring some of my favourite characters! I also chose this theme because it gave me a chance to practice human anatomy a bit more, something I'm still working on and need a lot of practice with :)

Below are the ones I completed for the first week of Inktober!

My first day was my favourite character from Steven Universe, Pearl. I struggled with this one a little as her proportions are quite pushed and I'm not quite sure her arm resting on her stomach looks right, but I'm happy with how the inkwork came out!

For my second day I chose Dee from the comic Rat Queens, one of the things I am most pleased with on this piece is the fabric folds on her shirt and the amount of detail I was able to get into her skull necklace. After getting a better look at it, once scanned, I think I drew her head a little too big and her arms too long in proportion to what i'd drawn for the rest of her body, but I'm glad it's something I can spot now and I'm quite pleased with her expression and hair.

For my third day I drew Chell from one of my favourite game series's, Portal :) Out of all the pieces I produced, Chell is the one I was happiest with, both pose and proportion wise! Although I think her expression, right hand and facial details could have been worked into a little more! I'm also really happy with the cloth on this piece.

My 4th day was Peridot from Steven Universe, I struggled a little with this one as she has an unusual shape and proportions, but I think I pulled it off alright in the end!

For day 5 I drew Orc Dave from the Rat queens comics, I realise now that his head is also out of proportion to his body and I think this is a consistent issue with my work that I need to pay more attention to when drawing humanoids!

For day 6 I decided to do two characters, Marceline and Princess Bubblegum from Adventure time! I'm quite happy with how bubblegum turned out (although if I was to draw this again I think I'd make her arms a little shorter and make her lab coat show more of her figure as it's hard to tell where her hips/legs are) I think Marceline needs a lot of work/looks off for some reason. I think perhaps her head is a little big in relation to her body and her neck is in an awkward position. Overall though this was one of the inktober pieces I was more pleased with.

For day 7 I drew Caithe, one of my favourite characters from Guild Wars 2, I was very happy with the line work on this one, because of how complex the character design and clothing was compared to previous Inktober pieces. Although, like a lot of my pieces I think the arms/head proportions are off unfortunately.

and for my last day on the challenge I drew Megamind from the Dreamworks film :) I tried an unusual perspective for this one, using a 3D model posing website. It's not one of my favourites and think the cape could have been improved for sure, but I'm quite happy with it regardless.

So that was my short delve into Inktober! I think I'm definitely going to try again next year, as it was nice to be able to produce and chronicle your art every day :) The Inktober community was awesome to follow in creating too! I'll probably challenge myself a bit more with daily or weekly art in the future, so watch out for that on this blog!

Until next time ^^