• Charlotte Grant

Some brown paper work I wanted to show

I bought a new sketchbook recently with brown paper and really decided to do another 'Inktoberish' challenge with artwork every day! Brown paper was super fun to work with because I could also work in white pen and pencil to get some nice contrast and highlights!

The first was a Xenoblade chronicles character I drew for my friend Rea. I bought the game Undertale, after seeing all of the awesome reviews online and enjoyed it a lot, so most of the rest are Undertale themed with exception to the last one which was my half of an art trade with someone who has a really interesting taur character I thought would be fun to draw!

I ended up doing 7 pieces total, same as my Inktober challenge and the completed pieces are below! :)

A request for my friend Rea and the first piece I tried, I found that working with blue pencil worked really well for rendering the piece, so my tools for all of these pieces were a dark brown pencil, blue pencil, a white verithik and white gel pen.

My second piece was of Undyne and Alphys, a couple from Undertale, this piece was a bit of a challenge for me as Alphys is a very unusual and distinctive character and I wanted that to come across in the image. Both characters have considerable size difference too, so I wanted a pose that was affectionate and took into account their size difference. Overall I'm pretty pleased with this piece! I think Undyne's (left) lets could do with some work as they seem out of proportion, but other than that I'm very happy with it and have had some good feedback on the piece!

This piece was of a ghost character called Napstablook and was quite simple and quick to complete compared to the previous pieces!

In Undertale there's a character called Alphys who has quite the heartbreaking backstory (or at least that's how I read her situation) so I wanted to play with the emotions of this in my artwork. In this piece I played with colour a little more, incorporating purples and the green from her lab monitors. I think I was able to convey the emotion of the piece quite well and I'm happy with the completed piece.

This was the most complex out of all the pieces I tried, I wanted to have the Amalgamates from the game shadowed in the background and wanted her to stand out, so chose to go with the usual blue colours for the background characters and red for Alphys. I think the feeling I wanted to convey worked really well, although I'm not so happy with how the background characters were 'faded' into the background. The black I tried to work around them as shadow ended up a little too grainy and obscured them more than I'd have liked. Out of all the pieces I did, this is the one with the most positive feedback from people I've shown though!

This is my personal favourite out of all the pieces I worked on :) I wanted to draw a happier Alphys picture after the last two sad ones, so worked on getting her character design shown as clearly as possible. I'm also very pleased with the lighting from the TV on this one!

Finally, the above piece was for part of an art trade with a D&D player friend of mine, of their bear-taur character and a staff :) I'm not sure about the paw in the air on this one, nor the proportions, but a taur character was an interesting challenge and the recipitent liked the piece, which I'm glad of!

I probably won't be blogging from a little bit now, as I'm doing a lot of overtime over the Christmas period, to put into my savings for next year! If I don't get to blog beforehand I hope it's a wonderful one for you all! Until next time <3