• Charlotte Grant

New 3D Showreel!

I've already added it to other social media, but I thought I'd just make a quick post showing my new showreel!

Taking some advice from other animators, I've changed the order of it, added some completed Headless Shots now it's out of the festival circuit and I don't have to limit them and done a little bit of tweaking on the Fox/Nico 11 Second scene to make the posing look a little more natural! (although I plan to replace it completely soon!)

Now that I've saved enough to fund myself for a year, I've bought parts for a new PC which should be arriving soon! I'm pretty excited!

My current PC is almost 5 years old now and has been struggling with Maya for over a year, making playback super laggy and meaning I've not been able to work with more than one rig in a scene, or any background scenery, for quite a while. Whilst at University, this wasn't a problem because I used the studio, but it's been very challenging since I left, so I knew as soon as I'd met my savings goal, I'd have to replace it, so I could spend the rest of summer refining my skills!

I'm pretty excited for it to arrive and to get back on with my animation island challenge, it's been quite a while since I've sat down properly and animated in it, I'm definitely excited to share with you what I produce! Although I haven't animated much during this gap year, I do feel like my 'eye' for things has improved a lot. Looking back at older work now, I'm finding it a lot easier to pinpoint mistakes in my work or posing that could've worked better, despite only really doing people watching sketches and watching a few tutorials this year.

Now I've met my funding goal, I've applied to my number 1 choice of masters, so I guess it's just time to wait and see where that gets me! *fingers crossed*

and if that doesn't work out, figure out what's next, once my gap year is up! This year has been enjoyable, but I'm so excited for post-September, now I have some money behind me, just to get out there and try my best to either enter the industry or hopefully, be studying for a masters, where I can further refine my skills before jumping in!

Hopefully I'll have news, one way or another, soon! and as soon as I get my computer set up, I'll be sure to get back to blogging regularly with my challenges!

Until next time!