• Charlotte Grant

Big news, Big Changes!

After a heck ton of vague updates about this subject, saving for a year and applications/interviews, I can finally let you know that I got offered a place studying MA 3D Computer Animation at Bournemouth! (NCCA).

I had my interview yesterday, it went really well and I'm ridiculously thrilled to be able to study there! As many of you know, it's been my plan for at least 2 or 3 years! So i'm glad I don't need to take another year out of education and can do it this year instead!

I just about met my goal for savings, so I can pay my tuition now, too :)

I've still got a lottttt to sort before I accept my offer, handing in my notice to my old job, getting references, sorting accomodation and such :) But keep an eye out here!

Hopefully I'll have more news soon and I'll be blogging my work again from September!

My course starts on September 19th, so I'll be moving to Dorset sometime before then, exciting stuff! The course look so good and I honestly can't wait!

So, until next time!