• Charlotte Grant

Center or Gravity and Timing to Music practice

We've started our lectures now and I've been learning a heck ton about modelling, animation and rendering in Maya! We get our first assignment soon, but for now it's just been lots of little practice tasks in class to get everyone up to speed and comfortable using maya :)

Below are a couple of ones I've completed for lectures. In our timing lecture we were taught about the importance of not keeping everything at one speed, so our lecturer set us a small task using the Hobo rig available on Creative Crash to time a short animation to music (either ones she's provided or our own, as long as it's got a change in tempo somewhere)

Below is my shot at it, using a song by Waterflame on Newgrounds :)



The hobo rig is a ton of fun to play with, so I really enjoyed this task. We've got a 'change in emotion' bouncing ball exercise coming up, so I reckon getting bouncing nailed down on a character like this will really help me when it comes to that task!

The second in-class task we had was using a rig our lecturer made named 'Billy Bob' this rig is what we'll be using eventually on our second assignment, where we have to animate him doing a cycle and getting over an obstacle, which should be fun!

Above is my centre of gravity practice for him. I think I need to add a little more weight to the character as he moves with a little too much ease for my liking, but I'm happy with it for an exercise in class :)

Next week is the BFX festival, which we've all been given free passes to, so I'll be blogging a little about the events there! We get our assignments straight after the festival :) So I'll be posting a lot more once I'm back!

Until next time!