• Charlotte Grant

Let's bounce!

This morning we had our hand-in for our first assignment, a bouncing ball assignment, much like the one I did during my first year at Falmouth Uni!

The bouncing ball is a pretty common task to test the skill of an animator, just because it's so applicable to various parts of the animation principles/process and is a quick and easy way to see their level/understanding of it!

Our task was to create 2 realistic balls, one heavy, one light and one ball with a personality, showing a change in emotion/thought process.

I spent the first week of this project compiling reference footage, myself and a friend, Huy collected various balls and shot reference footage of them on both carpet and laminate. Some of us also went to a local bowling alley and got permission to film some reference of bowling balls dropping.

If anyone is interested in watching or using some of the reference footage we shot, a link to the playlist is here (minus the bowling balls, which were a lot less clear)

Above is my light ball. I wanted this ball to be a rubber ball, similar to the pink ball I shot reference footage of!

Above is my heavy ball, which I referenced a bowling ball for :)

Overall, both of these are definitely a marked improvement on the work I was producing in Falmouth, so I'm really happy with them! Making them look convincing was definitely a challenge, but I think I did a pretty good job of it and I'm pleased with the outcome. If any of you have forgotten my 1st year Falmouth Bouncing balls, here's a link to the blog post! Definitely an improvement!

Above is my emotional ball, which I'm most pleased with! That kind of character animation was a lot more in my comfort zone than the realistic work and I think it shows! I really enjoyed working with both kinds of animation, but projecting a character and personality into the ball character was definitely my favourite part of the project :)

If you click this link, it'll take you to my 'emotional ball' from my 1st year at Falmouth :) Definitely an improvement from then!

Our next project we got yesterday and it's a pre-production document for our Billy Bob animation we'll be getting in a weeks time! We've basically got a week to brainstorm and storyboard our idea for the project and present it before we start on the next project! I probably won't be blogging much until the project is done, but I may show some of my pre-production work on here soon!

Until next time!