• Charlotte Grant

BFX Festival!

I've just come back from an incredible week at the BFX animation and visual effects festival in Bournemouth!

Many animation and VFX production houses, both in the UK and Abroad were presenting there and I got the chance to attend talks and socials by Disney, Pixar, Industrial Light and Magic, Bluezoo, Framestore, Cinesite and many more! I attended as many talks as I possibly could and also met graduates from this course during the animation socials at the end of each day, so it was really cool to hear about their experiences with this course, too!

In the evening of the second day I got to attend a Rocket Jump games event that was being hosted as part of BFX. Although I haven't worked on any indie games for years, it was a great event. I got to network with people in the games industry, play some really great and innovative indie games and listen to talks about a variety of subjects (How to get your game noticed by journalists, how to avoid burn out in games and many others!) Everyone at the event was really passionate and it was a great evening!

At the end of the week, I signed up for 2 workshops, on Saturday, an 8 hour session with Shapes in Motion, an acting for animation workshop with movement coach Sarah Perry. Sarah teaches acting for motion capture and animation at universities and animation studios all over the UK, she's been involved in a number of big productions recently. During the workshop she introduced us to Laban movement theory and different states of mind for movement related to animation. We focused a lot on walk cycles and what they could tell you about a characters state of mind and personality and participated in several exercised to practice this. It was a really fun session and I came out feeling like I understood movement for emotions a lot better. The techniques she showed us were really useful and I can't wait to start applying them to my animation and LAV tests!

The second workshop I attended was with sculptor Michael Defeo. Defeo has worked on many animated feature films as a character modeller, some of his more recent work being with Illumination Entertainment on Despicable Me 2.

He showed us his process from taking a realistic human photograph and how he'd go about transforming it into a caricature 3D sculpt in Zbrush. It was definitely an interesting session and whilst sculpting isn't necessarily an area I am looking to specialise in, it was interesting to see what parts of the character he chose to emphasise and his process.

Next week we'll be getting our brief for our first project, so that should be interesting! It's a bouncing ball project, which is pretty similar to what I started with at Falmouth Uni :) But hopefully, coming at it now, with a lot more knowledge, I'll be able to produce work that's a lot more realistic and of a better quality than my first year Falmouth work!

I'll end this post with a picture of a couple of my course mates and Sully, who's in the lobby of our building at uni! :)

Until next time!