• Charlotte Grant

A quick tiger walk study

I discovered an awesome tiger rig by CG Spectrum a couple of days ago and thought I'd do a quick tiger walk study in my free time :)

Creature animation is always something that has really interested me, so hopefully I'll have more time to practice with this in the new year!

Below is my attempt at a tiger walk cycle, using reference footage from various places to get it as accurate as possible :)

It's still got a few issues, I think, like the back legs being a little too floppy for my liking and the head jolting a little, but I'm happy with it for a first pass and will definitely try working into it a little more, when I have the time :)

I've bought a really nice small bird rig by Truong CG Artist, so I'll be doing a bird study at some point in the future too, trying to build up a creature portfolio before I graduate!

Until next time!