• Charlotte Grant

The Billy Bob Saga!

Today was our last hand in of the Semester, our Billy Bob project. This was a follow-on for our pre-production PDF project that I mentioned in my last post (and won't bore you with as it's mostly just research/idea development and storyboards) :)

We got an option to do the pre production for either an animation project or a modelling project in a particular style. I enjoy animation more, so chose animation for my project. The brief being to animate Billy Bob overcoming an obstacle and Billy Bob doing a cycle of some sort.

I chose to go with an Indiana Jones style temple scene for my obstacle and a feminine walk for my cycle. Below are the two final pieces!

The obstacle scene was the most challenging of the two, by far, particularly the spin he does between the tiles. Out of the two submissions though, it is the one I'm most proud of, I'll be re-doing the lighting at some point, so it's darker near the crystal, so the god rays stand out a little more! For the most part though, I think it was a pretty successful project for me :) It definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone a lot, but body mechanics is something I want to practice and learn a lot more about, so that ended up being a really good thing for me!

It was a quick turn around project with 2 weeks to complete, so with that taken into account, it's definitely a piece I'm pleased with :)

We've got 2 essays a presentation and a coding assignment to do over Christmas, so I'm probably not going to be blogging much over the holidays, I hope it's a wonderful one for everyone though and I'll resume blogging in the new year! :)