• Charlotte Grant

Big Update and the group project!

It's the first time blogging in a while! It's been a crazy few weeks and we've had a lot of assignments that aren't really blog-worthy (essays and python scripting) but now we're moving onto a group assignment, which should be exciting!

We're allowed to work with the other masters courses (MA: Digital Effects and MSc Computer Visualisation) for this and in a couple of days, each of us will be required to pitch an idea to everyone. People will then rally around the ideas they like the most and we have to get into groups of 4 to 6 to further refine and create the project! It's something I'm really looking forward to, pitching sessions in my undergrad were always a time to get inspired and this is our first completely open project on this course, so I could end up doing anything for the group project!

My personal pitch for this is a short stand alone animated scene, in complete CG, as it'd be nice to have complete control over the film, rather than something mainly VFX and actually filmed in real life. I'd like to go for a stylised aesthetic for it, if it was to go ahead and it'd be nice to have someone from Digital Effects on board too, but I'll see how pitching goes!

We were asked to set out a couple of slides for our pitch with mood boards that show the feel or aesthetic we're going for, so here's a few slides from mine! :) My pitch is for a short film called "The Keeper" and we've got 5 minutes, so hopefully I can explain it well enough in that short amount of time!

The idea is based around the struggle of an anthropomorphic hairless cat. We only have 7 weeks for this project, so I wanted to tell a story in that time, in particular a story that fitted into the "Heroes journey" archetype, in less than a minute.

I wanted emotion to play a key part in this, with animation subtleties that make you feel sorry for the character as she pushes her way through the snow (or sandstorm?)

Some specifications for the short, proving that I've thought about how it could be done in 7 weeks! and some super sketchy concepts for the character, just to give an idea of how her expressions could work. Although we'd need one of the group to do a turn around for her and come up with the final design, for the actual production if it goes ahead!

Some mood boards documenting the feel of the film (either a desert sandstorm, warm colours or a snowstorm with cold colours)

and finally, as slide on what I'd be bringing to the table/able to bring to the table!

I can't wait to see all the other pitches and although I really enjoy this idea, I'm not totally set on it, so if another character animation idea catches my eye, I'll probably see if I can get on that project instead!

I'll be blogging more soon about the outcome of the pitch as we literally only have a couple of days after the pitch to group up and get started, so it's all guns blazing soon! I've also got a compositing assignment and another scripting assignment coming up too, so when I get some free time, I'll blog about that!

Until next time!