• Charlotte Grant

Another Group Project update!

The group project pitches were last week and they went well! It was a super inspiring day getting to hear the ideas others had come up with, even if presenting was nerve racking. I decided to drop my idea and form a group around another project. It's a short comedy called Munchin' Monk that a friend, Maaike Ross pitched and it sounds like a lot of fun to work on!

I'll be joining as an animator, with Maaike concept arting/storyboarding. We've also got 2 Modellers, Chris and Lauren who will be taking characters and environments respectively, Nathalia who will be rigging/animating and we've got a MSc member named Francesca who will be joining us as the lighter/renderer/FX artist! I think we're a pretty strong team with most bases covered and I'm really looking forward to doing some more facial animation! :)

The story of our short is about two Monks, an elder and an apprentice trying to meditate. The younger monk is loudly chewing an apple and it follows the story of the older monk getting angrier and angrier with him. It's simple but sweet and we should be able to get on with refining the idea pretty quickly because of that!

Either way, I'll try to keep this blog updated on our progress, but as a heads up, I'm also working on 4 other assignments right now, so updates will likely be slow, as I don't have a whole lot of free time right now! We're currently working on a compositing assignment, using Nuke, where we have to colour correct/re-assemble and fix mistakes on a render, we've got a scripting assignment where we have to create a small tool in Maya and we've got a set academic essay! All except the essay is something new for me, so I'll probably post about those at some point! :)

But until then, see you next blog post!