• Charlotte Grant

Graduation V2 Complete! :)

A very short and sweet blog post to share some photos/the video from graduation! I've just returned home from a mini holiday up country, headed up for graduation on Tuesday and spent some time visiting relatives and showing my family around the area whilst we were up there! :)

Graduation this time around was emotional and memorable. This past year at Bournemouth was challenging and amazing and I've made some lifelong friendships during my time here. It's sad to think that that's the last time our class is really going to all be together for now, but I'm hoping most of our paths cross again soon!

A video of our ceremony is below, I'm the 4th one in for our class in this video, starting at 27:30 :)

and below are some photos of the celebrations!

Most of MA3D class of 2017 that could make it to the ceremony! (some of my classmates had too far to travel so unfortunately skipped the ceremonies.

A board throwing attempt, haha!

A very zoomed in photo of my handshake with the chancellor as I received my certificate

A couple of nice selfies from the day! A lone one, one of Lauren and Mafalda on my row and a family one! :)

and the certificate itself!

Overall, it's been a really wonderful day (and week) It was so nice to see everyone again for the final time and get to wear the cap and gown one last time! Definitely going to miss this town a lot!

Now back to normality!

I've picked up a temporary part time job locally so I can save up some money over the Christmas period, to aid moving away, but as soon as Christmas is out of the way and I've rested up a bit, I'll be focussing all my efforts into Animdojo, applying for animation jobs and improving my reel! :)

Excuse any quietness over here for a little whilst I knuckle down with everything!

Until next time!