• Charlotte Grant

Last Notes: Final Roundup (and the film)

So to end my Last Notes post, here's a quick roundup!

Working on the film was amazing, we ended up being such an incredible team and although there were road bumps (which is expected in any production) we were able to discuss and pull through all of them and complete the project on time!

The film is not without it's issues, there were parts we'd have liked to have added if we had time (such as VFX saliva on the roar shot and more polished animation in some shots) but overall the film was a success and everyone is really happy with it!

Above is a group photoshoot we took an hour or so after hand-in! I'm feeling ridiculously grateful to have been able to do this course and work with such a talented, good natured set of people, it's been an eye opening experience! I've definitely pushed myself out of my comfort zones this year and I think it's brought good results!

So without further ado, here's the final film!

We're considering entering it into festivals possibly, or working into it more before the term ends (it's something we'll have to discuss as a group)

But I hope people enjoy it and I'm very pleased to have played a part in making it a reality! I'll be blogging more about what's up next etc, soon! I'm going to be putting my showreel together, updating my CV and website pages and waiting for my marks (fingers crossed!)

I'll also be packing to leave Dorset and return to my hometown in Cornwall within the month, so things might be a little hectic, I'll try to keep ontop of blogging as much as I can though!

Until next time :)