• Charlotte Grant

Geeze banana! - Back into the fray

Hey everyone!

It's honestly been a heck of a year and we're only half way through! Due to the demands of the pandemic, I had to up my working hours at my day job to full time+ mid Feburary, so fell off the the train a little with planned animation practice, in between balancing my day job and my freelance stuff, I kinda ran out of time to post on here and play around with things I hadn't been commissioned to do! I've still got some designed characters for future Celaction rig practice that I started at the beginning of February, that I plan to make use of soon :)

As of last week, I've decided to leave my day job to go full time self employed and focus on animation practice more seriously in my free time. Working in a public facing role during the pandemic has been very stressful for me and after 4 months of it, now things seem to be returning to normal a little, I feel it's the best choice I could make to take advantage of the situation, stay indoors and safe and focus on the things important to me, whilst I have the chance to :) Because conventions aren't running this year, I was able to move all of my pre-created stock onto an online marketplace a few months ago which has made things a lot easier and means I don't have to worry as much about being in contact with the public.

I began last week sorting out all my hardrives, updating Maya, coming up with some plans for both 2D and 3D animation practice! I'm definitely very rusty at 3D now and hope to start with some small-ish exercises and blocking shots to get myself used to more complicated work again :)

Here's a quick shot I've been working on the past couple of days. It's the same shot as from the Animdojo assignment we got a couple of years ago, as I had the audio and assets still :) I was never happy with how rushed that piece was, so wanted to re-do it and see if I could improve the posing/timing of it as a warm up :)

I'm quite happy with this one, especially compared to my last attempt, although after getting some feedback from an Animdojo mentor there's definitely a lot that could be done to improve it (like making the face more visible at the start and not pushing the eyebrows quite so much) It served well as a warm up though and helped me re get to grips with Maya after such a long break :)

Seeing as I'll be balancing my time between freelance work, Celaction Practice and Maya practice, I should be updating here a lot more regularly here again!

Until next time ~