• Charlotte Grant

Academic writing uploaded!

I hope everyone has had a fantastic xmas! I thought I'd quickly pop in with one last blog post before the new year!

After discussing recently with some friends from my undergrad, I've decided I'd upload some of the main pieces of academic writing I did during my time at University in the hopes that they could help others writing about similar topics find references etc! :)

These aren't all my essays, but the ones I feel could be most helpful, especially my dissertation, which required a lot of digging for references on such a narrow topic! I figured now my courses are over, it wouldn't hurt to put them online as a resource/it could be useful on my portfolio site if I was ever to go to jobs requiring academic writing skill!

I've created a page for them over at https://www.charlottegrantanimation.com/academia

Click the preview text on these and it'll bring you to a page with a PDF to download/read them if you're interested!

A screenshot of the page

Hopefully I'll have a more substantial update to come soon, as I begin working on my reel again!

Until next time ~