• Charlotte Grant

Celaction 2D works in progress!

Hi Again!

It's been a while since I last posted, but I thought I'd update a little on what's going on with me and animation, my work etc! Although this past year has been amazing, I've been feeling the animation itch and freelancing the way I have been has never been as fun as working in a studio environment was.

Celaction 2D is a program I learned way back at Falmouth, we only got a days workshop on the software, but I really enjoyed how versatile it was in terms of rigging for 2D animation! I picked up a licence for myself a while ago, when at Bournemouth but was so caught up in all my deadlines there and then convention-artisting the past year, that I haven't really dedicated time to re-learning it until this month!

I wanted to share some of my progress using it on this blog! I'm going to be playing around with this software and character designs a lot more over the coming months in the hopes of making a 2D specific reel, to apply for jobs in that area :) My goal has always been to get into Kids TV animation and although I've lost sight of that a little this past year, I'm hoping 2020 is the year I can get myself caught up again, create both a 2D and 3D reel that I'm proud of and get my work out there to studios that work in that area!

Celaction didn't have any practice rigs that I could see, so I sketched out a rough 2D character I could rig and practice with. I came up with the design for this character by looking at what other shows made with Celaction 2D were doing with their characters. I knew I wanted to start with something simple like a side-view only character, so this fox was born! Very loosely based on the side view 2D construction of characters in Peppa Pig and Bluey!

Above are some roughs to show how different facial expressions could be achieved using this characters limitations!

I then transferred it to Photoshop and cut the character out with overlap, so I could rig each piece when transferred to Celaction.

Some photos above of some of the cut-out and the final design (I later had to change it so the tail was straight in order to get the limber controls on the tail working)

Above is a video of the rig (before I got the tail limber working)

I learned to rig in this program through a mixture of notes from my uni days and the Celaction help files and I'm surprisingly happy with how it turned out! Once I've played around with this rig a little more, I'm going to dedicate some time to a more complex rig that is 3/4 view rather than side view to see how it compares and get some versatility in my reel :)

This video above is a video of the tail limber. It took a few attempts for me to get this working how I'd hoped (my first attempt I added too many sections to it) but I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth the system in Celaction is!

Below is a very quick walk cycle I made using the rig, it needs a lot of work and is a little jumpy and robotic but I'm happy with it for a first attempt with the program and will be going back ant working on a better cycle now I've got the basics down! (How to stop the feet sliding without making it jolty is something I'm definitely going to have to learn)

Overall, I've learned a surprising amount with this rig and I've already got ideas on how I want to improve my next one! I think my biggest mistake with this character was the characters body (aka the raincoat) was my main controller. I think next time I rig, I'm going to have a hidden main controller under that, like the characters hips or butt (even if not visible) so I can add movement to the raincoat without affecting all the other controllers.

Hopefully I'll have more updates on this program soon! I've been enjoying figuring it all out again a lot, so once I've had more of a play with this fox character, I'll definitely be moving on to a more complex rig, definitely a 3/4 rig and possibly a quadruped or mythical creature after that!

Until next time!