• Charlotte Grant

Trying out some vanilla walk cycles!

Just a quick update to share a vanilla walk cycle with the Animdojo Jackie Rig :)

I wanted to see how far I could get with creating/polishing a walk cycle in an evening yesterday and this was the result. I'm going to spend some time working on more walk cycles over the next week or so in the hopes of getting better/quicker at them, as I'm quite rusty. This one took me around 5 hours to get to a semi-polished state and I've heard 2 - 3 hours is what should be aimed for with a cycle? So gonna work on getting better at them, then at being more efficient to speed up the time they take me.

I've definitely got into the habit of using the graph editor a lot more recently, back when I started learning 3D back at Falmouth it was always an after thought, but watching others tutorials on workflow, being able to quickly adjust how much something moves, in the graph editor and create ease in and ease outs has definitely sped up the way I work compared to when I started!

Also apparently I can directly upload videos to my blog now rather than go through YouTube which is a nice surprise :)

Critiques are valued and appreciated and hopefully I'll have some more walks to show next week :) Then I'd like to delve into some more interesting, cartoony and personality based cycles too.

Until next post!